Thursday, November 17, 2016

What About Russia, or No Time Like the President

I like the thought of Melania as a Russian spy, if only because it's a far better role for her than the one she's currently assuming. Certainly her accent is reminiscent of Natasha Fatale's in "Rocky and Bullwinkle," and she has the slinky wardrobe for it, as well as the unruffled demeanor.

And little else explains the ease with which Russia hijacked the U.S. election and flew it into Trump Tower. I just can't buy the argument that "Putin said great things about me, so I'll say great things about him."

One of my greatest fears about our having an all-Republican government is that we might never get to the bottom of the Russian intervention. But only Republicans of a certain age seem to recognize the danger. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are not my favorite senators, but at least they are stepping up.

I was a child of the Duck-and-Cover years. Mark and I had a fourth-grade teacher who held the Russians (then the Soviets) responsible for all that was wrong with the world. We were lucky not to live in Russia, we'd be told, because if we behaved the way we were behaving, we'd be lined up along the wall and shot. (This is not an exaggeration. Imagine a teacher saying that today! The president-elect, on the other hand, would admire the un-PCness, not to mention the implied defense of the Second Amendment.)

Putin was a KGB agent. He wants to Make Russia Great Again. His foreign policy is increasingly arrogant and aggressive. It seems as though manipulating Americans is part of his master plan.

Others may be pointing at China and the likelihood that, absent an agreement with the U.S., it will take over all Asian markets without anyone to berate it about human rights. But I was raised to worry about Russia, and worry I shall.

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