Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Everything's for Sale

When you see Ivanka flexing her wrist on "60 Minutes," it turns out that she's advertising a $10,800 bracelet. When you hear surrogates rehabbing Steve Bannon's career ("That antisemitic piece was written by a Jew!"), you can bet that they are paid staffers of Breitbart. U.S. Government? QVC? It's all the same in Trump Nation.

Of course, the selling of the White House is nothing new. Ask any major donor to a winning political campaign. State dinner? Check. Night in the Lincoln Bedroom? Check. It was only a matter of time before the First Lady stood in the lobby hawking tshirts and signed photos.

A quick aside: I love this graphic in the NYTimes today; it's both beautiful and terrifying. And Ithaca and environs are specially called out.

Meanwhile, this whole Glenn Beck vs. Breitbart feud starts to look like a ratings war. Which is some consolation for those of us who really did not want to see Glenn Beck as a good guy.

Everything's for sale! Tweeters have mansplained to me for the past several days about how paid protests work: Someone gets hired, and then the other people follow him or her, even though they get nothing out of it. Sort of like the presidency, I guess.

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