Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Impeach Pence First

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Mike Pence never met an unborn child he didn't want to protect. He served 12 years in the House and 4 as governor of Indiana, so he, unlike Trump, has a long voting record. When he took the Political Courage Test as a Congressman in 2008, he wanted to greatly increase spending on intelligence operations and national missile defense and greatly decrease UN expenses. He wanted to slightly decrease all taxes but greatly decrease inheritance and capital gains taxes. He supported no principles regarding campaign finance and government reform. He wanted mandatory sentences for drug sellers and supported the death penalty. He wanted to increase development of fossil fuel energy sources, eliminate federal education standards, and let individuals carry concealed weapons. He wanted English as the official national language. He opposed the creation of a Palestinian state and rejected same-sex marriage, but he was fine with privatizing Social Security.

And then he became governor, and lots of bills passed his desk that met his standards. He signed bills authorizing the possession of sawed-off shotguns and bills prohibiting the government from "burdening the exercise of religion." He authorized concealed weapons on school property, repealed the Common Core Standards, and signed that famous bill requiring women to determine the final disposal method of their aborted fetuses.

In short, Mike Pence is exactly who you might expect him to be: a super conservative, minimal-government guy, except when he's in your bedroom or womb.

Be careful what you wish for, those who are hoping for an early Trump impeachment based on violation of the emoluments clause. Pence is a theocrat and a super-scary guy. Just ask the few surviving Indiana Democrats.

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