Thursday, November 24, 2016

DeVos in de Henhouse

If you want to rid yourself of a pesky Department of Education, put someone in charge who never attended public schools, whose children never attended public schools, who basically doesn't approve of public schools, whose public work has all been about moving money out of public schools and into charters and private (especially religious) schools, whose husband made his billions on a pyramid scam and whose brother founded America's most successful mercenary group.

Choose someone who has sat on the board of a group that advocates bringing back child labor.
You can talk about the dangers of coal mining or selling newspapers on the street. But let’s not pretend that danger is something that every young teen wants to avoid.
Choose someone whose husband almost single-handedly made Michigan a right-to-work state.

This is a pretty good compilation of articles on the DeVos family's work to eradicate public education and destroy public unions.

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