Saturday, November 12, 2016

Blame Game

Racism, sexism, arrogance, assumptions about women, assumptions about Latinos, globalization, Islamophobia, stupidity, ignorance, meanness to Bernie, lack of transparency, DNC, Russia, Wikileaks, the media, bad polls, FBI, hubris, complacency, white working class, elitism, TV, millennial women, lack of a message, populism, machine politics, boredom, Weiner, inertia.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Day 4, Olivia's on the Ivy League Snap Story comforting U Penn freshmen who were targeted with a "lynching calendar" out of somewhere in Oklahoma (or to be honest, anywhere on earth—we watch enough TV to know that you can hack or send messages and bounce them around the globe). And in Trumansburg, the Facebook Event page for a new group of Ithacans Against Trump was trolled by someone threatening gun violence, leading to police patrols for a little organizational workshop at someone's house.

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