Monday, November 14, 2016


Berlin Artists Turn Swastikas Into Lovable Figures
I read once that if insomnia involves being unable to fall asleep, that's anxiety. If it involves waking in the middle of the night and being unable to fall asleep again, that's depression. Apparently I have both. It culminated in a Twitter war with Trump trolls late last night. It turns out that all these protests are fomented by paid agitators. I used Carrie's sister's great line—"I was there, where should I send my timecard?" It was not well received. My phone blew up! Apparently I'm a naive idiot; there are videos proving this! (By the man who brought you the ACORN scandal.) Oh, and if I believe all that stuff about Bannon, I'm not really a Jew. Couldn't figure that one out, but it was late, and I was tired.

Olivia informs me that she has a fake Twitter account for just such purposes. She can get her anger out without fear of direct reprisal. Probably a good idea, though I don't intend to go there again.

So let's talk about Steve Bannon, former Breitbart ruler, who will be chief strategist in Trump Nation. Media Matters (AKA "leftist porn site," according to my new Twitter friends) says it best: This is a white nationalist who hates Jews.

For most of his campaign, Trump quoted Breitbart conspiracy theories. Indeed, the whole birther nonsense may have arisen on that site, although they've denied it vigorously.

Okay, Nazis in the West Wing. What else we got?

Well, there's Rudy Giuliani for Attorney General (or Sec of State, though I doubt that). Never met a black guy he didn't want to lock up. Proponent of stop-and-frisk. Sure to impose federal law over all those naughty states who legalized pot. Plus, freakin' nuts.

Secretary of the Interior? An oil executive, or Sarah Palin (because she hunts, I guess?) Secretary of Energy? An oil executive. Health and Human Services? Sleepy Ben Carson. Homeland Security? Self-important, recently defeated Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Agriculture? Texas ag commissioner Sid Miller, famous most recently for calling Hillary Clinton a cunt. (He also founded a church for cowboys, so that little slip of the thumb was surely an aberration.) Secretary of Commerce? Maybe NYS's own homegrown sleazebag, Carl Paladino, he of the X-rated emails. At least that would take him off Buffalo's school board. State? How about John Bolton, who hopes to stop Iran's bomb by bombing Iran? Seems like a good way to launch a new foreign policy agenda.

That's not even all of it. I would say it was cartoonish if it were at all funny.

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