Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Privatizing Washington

The Trump transition just looks like chaos. There is clearly an underlying theme: privatization. You have a Secretary of Education who wants to privatize education. You have a VA Secretary who wants to privatize VA hospitals. You have potential choices for Secretary of the Interior who are all for developing public lands and a Health and Human Services Secretary who wrote the bill to overturn ACA. You have a guy in the running for Transportation whose specialty is private-public partnerships.

Oh, and you have the serious mention of David Petraeus for Secretary of State—although maybe he's just a red herring? Because when you just won an election by threatening to jail a former Secretary of State for failing to secure possibly classified materials, why not give the job to a guy who was convicted of doing just that (and is still on probation, btw)?

Meanwhile, back home, people are coming out of the woodwork to join the Democratic committees. Safety in numbers? Doing something is better than doing nothing? Motivation doesn't matter; it's a slight stirring of rebellion, and we'll take it.

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