Monday, November 21, 2016

I'm Not an Anti-Semite; I Love Israel!

There are plenty of reasons for an alt-right anti-Semite to be a Zionist, as Steve Bannon purports to be.
  1. It keeps 'em all in one place.
  2. At present, Israel leans far right.
  3. Israel is a U.S. ally against other Middle Eastern powers.
  4. Israel is good at building physical barriers to prevent ethnic mixing.
But would you want your daughter to marry one? Or go to school with a bunch of them?

To quote peace activist Uri Avnery:
Can a person be an anti-Semite and a Zionist? Indeed, yes. The founder of modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl, already tried to enlist the support of notorious Russian anti-Semites, promising them to take the Jews off their hands. Before World War II, the Zionist underground organization IZL established military training camps in Poland under the auspices of the anti-Semitic generals, who also wanted to get rid of the Jews. Nowadays, the Zionist extreme Right receives and welcomes massive support from the American fundamentalist evangelists, whom the majority of American Jews, according to a poll published this week, consider profoundly anti-Semitic. Their theology prophesies that on the eve of the second coming of Christ, all Jews must convert to Christianity or be exterminated.
Bannon's not evangelical; he's Catholic. But let's be clear: He is also a white supremacist who happens to be mounting a PR campaign claiming that he's not. Far worse than his protestations or those of his PR folks are those of the multitudes of Trump supporters who are doing that job for free.

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