Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Manning the Barricades, Checkbook in Hand

There are members of our town and county Democratic committees who do the work of writing, organizing, leafletting, walking, and calling. Then there are members who fund the work. Occasionally, but rarely, do those groups overlap. Clearly, both are needed.

One fascinating outcome of the election has been the enormous outflow of donations to groups that are either in trouble under a Trump regime, figure to counter Trump policies, or both. My favorite, of course, is donating to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence's name, so that he gets the notifications and thank-yous. Jezebel has a vast and useful list.

We once thought that conservatives gave more to charity than liberals did. Luckily, MIT came along and debunked that. Conservatives give bucketloads to their churches, but beyond that, donations are not greater than those of liberals. I do wonder whether Obama's election in 2008 led to a flurry of contributions to conservative causes or if this is a peculiarly liberal trait. Gotta do something, so let's give money!

Back home on Day 7, it appears that every woman I know here is at least contemplating going to the Million Women March on January 21. Extrapolating out from that, I end up with a figure vastly larger than a million. I've scored a place for DZ and Olivia and me to stay. And I'm starting to envision a new role for myself if I stay with the local Party. More about that after I meet with our Chair on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Giuliani as Secretary of State? The man who, when asked about using nukes against Iran, said, "You shouldn't take any option off the table"? The one who supported Bush in Iraq and loves waterboarding and domestic surveillance? That guy?

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