Monday, November 28, 2016

Mired in Ire

I seem to have taken a left turn from Depression and landed back in Anger, which I'm taking out on family, friends, and random tire salesmen. Chief on my irklist, in no particular order:

  • Trump trolls
  • mansplaining misogynists
  • Bernie canonizers who believe without evidence that he could have won
  • Cornell Review and most alumni commenters on the Cornell Daily Sun
  • people who won't admit that the GOP has no answer for the white working class, either
  • professor watchlists
  • apologists who apply Good Nazi language to Trump supporters
  • anyone who thinks Giuliani would make a fine Secretary of State
  • people who are cool with the Great Migration but can't imagine uprooting coal miners or small city white folks
  • people who say, "the Party's elitist, but I'm not" or "Trump's racist, but his followers aren't"
  • emboldened racists and antiSemites
  • many of the hideous families described in Pantsuit Nation
  • everyone mentioned as a possible Trump cabinet member

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