Friday, December 16, 2016

Those Irritating Disabled Kids

We know that Betsy De Vos's kids went to private schools. We know that Barron Trump does, and so did his half-siblings. We know that Trump's AG pick thinks that those irritating disabled kids make life hard for teachers. Jeff Sessions went to public school, but did his kids? I don't think so.

More and more, the political elite in both parties divorce themselves from the few institutions that still define middle America: public schools, labor unions, the military. But we still expect them to oversee those institutions, despite their lack of experience with them.

The problem overlaps parties. Arne Duncan's kids went to private schools. So do John King's. We have had a generation of Secretaries of Education who went to public schools themselves, but whose children did not. What will the next generation bring?

I wonder if Trump worries about Sessions's dislike of rights for children with disabilities. Or does he imagine that a kid whose tuition rivals that of an Ivy League freshman will be safe?

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