Sunday, December 18, 2016

Things That Won't Happen

1. The Electoral College will reject Trump and magically place someone else in the Presidency (Clinton, Kasich, Biden).
2. The CIA will grant the ordinary citizens who are electors access to classified files about Russian hacking.
3. Congress will suddenly wake up to Trump's conflicts of interest and threaten impeachment or delay his inauguration unless he cleans them all up.
4. The general population will rise up against Putin's interference in the electoral process and demand retribution.

Things that might happen: The Senate might conceivably block one or two appointments, and several, surely, will not achieve the unanimous consent that's traditional. My choices this week are the Ambassador to Israel and the Secretary of State. Letters of protest to Senators may be worthwhile. But even this is a long shot—cabinet appointees who have lost confirmation bids number in the single digits, although others have withdrawn rather than fight a losing battle.

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