Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Four Weeks In

Yes, it's been a month. Because I don't want to linger on the bad, I'm putting forth two glimmers of hope that have emerged this week. 1) Ivanka wants to make climate change her "signature issue." That could mean that she's putting out a jewelry line with a theme of melting ice caps, but I prefer to think that she has the power to move her daddy in a positive direction, despite the climate change deniers running the EPA transition team. Meeting with Al Gore might just be step one. 2) More and more women on Pantsuit Nation are writing that they are looking for a local office to run for in 2017. This is a FB community of 4 million people, most of them seemingly apolitical before November 8. Newcomers to the system, local insurgencies, women running for office—I like the possibilities.  

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