Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sleight of Hand

Because I have trouble believing that Americans would elect a complete dolt, or maybe because my Ivy League snobbery tells me that someone who went to Wharton/U Penn (after two years at Fordham) cannot be as clueless about history and economics as Trump appears to be, I prefer to believe the current trope that he is an evil genius. If you start to accept that all of his craziness, whether he's going after Alec Baldwin for portraying him cruelly on Saturday Night Live or doubling down on Build-a-Wall Workshop, is just a mask for truly awful, permanently damaging things such as privatizing the public sector and making rich people even richer, it all starts to make a sort of sense.

Misdirection is used by magicians, by strategists in warfare, and by pickpockets. We seem to be in for a lot if it.  

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