Sunday, December 11, 2016


Indonesia. Congo. Brazil. Dominican Republic. Cuba. Chile. Greece. Nicaragua. Libya. Panama. Iraq. Afghanistan. El Salvador. Haiti. That's just a short list of nations where in my lifetime, the U.S. has interfered with elections or leadership.

So before we get too high-and-mighty about Russian hacks throwing our election to Trump, let's acknowledge that this is not just a one-off. This sort of thing has gone on for decades. It's just that now it's so easy! No need for military interference or even sly handoffs of envelopes. You can sit in a garret in Moscow and do all the work while sipping a Raf and texting your girlfriend.

Yes, there should be investigations. Yes, there should be repercussions. Yes, the American people should be much more horrified than they apparently are by the ease with which another nation can influence the future of ours. Just don't pretend we don't deserve it.

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