Monday, December 5, 2016

No Democrats Need Apply

Oh, by all means, hire a Secretary of HUD who thinks, as Carrie points out, that the safety net keeps people in poverty.

The other day, I asked whether the County Dems might put up a table at a Celebrate Diversity event and was told very kindly that although Dems' missions and goals often paralleled the event, "a large population in Ithaca would be alienated" if the group were to align themselves with the Democrats. P.S.: These were high school students.

I am hearing locally and nationally from otherwise sensible folks that the Dems' mistake was to ally themselves with social justice causes that separated them from the white working class, and that what we must do to succeed in the future is abandon those causes to activists and find ourselves a smart economic message.

My question is this: Who will fight electorally for those social justice causes if we do not? Because linking arms in a gym somewhere is not going to take us where we want to go. Putting up tents in the plains of North Dakota is effective specifically as pressure on the government.

Direct action + electoral action = change.

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