Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Great Unraveling

The unraveling of the Trump regime continues apace, and reporters aren't even disguising their pleasure. Twenty-seven days was all it took.

Meanwhile, this most Ithacan of Ithaca stories took place yesterday. Only in Ithaca could our boy mayor marry a couple during a sit-in at a Congressman's local office.

And tonight I'm on this agenda down at Greenstar for the first of many such scheduled meet ups:

This is What Democracy Looks Like!

Please attend! Wed. Feb 15th, 5 to 7 pm

(a meet up with 12 round table discussions, at the Space at Greenstar...)
The topics and their facilitators are:
1. Environmental Organizing. Lisa Marshall, Mothers out Front
2. Healthcare & the NY Health Act. Susan  Beckley, Finger Lakes for New York Health
3. Safe spaces for the LGBTQ community.  Anne Koreman, business owner in Trumansburg
4. Progressive Radio.  Will Burbank, TC legislature
5. Perfecting the Progressive Pitch.  Ann-Marie Adams, public affairs specialist
6. Unfunded Mandates & Property Taxes.  Don Barber, former town of Caroline supervisor
7. Advocacy on Behalf of Refugees.  Laurie Konwinski, Catholic Charities
8. Affordable Housing.  Theresa Alt, Democratic Socialists of America
9. Running & Helping in Local Elections.  Kathy Zahler, TC Democratic Committee
10. Saving Cayuga Lake.  Walter Hang, Toxics Targeting
11. Getting to know Tom Reed.  Katy Nicholson, TC Progressives
12. TC Sanctuary Resolution.  Kathy Bergin, immigration lawyer

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