Thursday, January 5, 2017

Resist Locally

I've written before about how we will need to act locally to counter radical right policies at the federal level. Ithaca's mayor agrees.
City Attorney Ari Lavine will be working on a new project called the New Federalism, modeled after the Federalist Papers, which states that local and state governance should check the a federal government's excess of power. 
Meanwhile, we are working with the Tompkins County Progressives to put together a quick rally (because not much lead time, Bernie!) for January 15.


  1. Whoo boy. Local resistance to "federal government's excess of power"? Sounds like a recipe for allowing restaurant and hotel owners to refuse to feed and house blacks or gays, depending on the those business owners' "religious" convictions. Careful what you wish for.

  2. Yeah, I have similar nervousness about that. The Feds are all that keep us from showing our true colors. But given Sessions as AG, civil rights may fly right out the window anyway.