Thursday, January 12, 2017

News/Not News

The news is rushing at us fast and furious, and it's a challenge to sort out what's important, if anything. News: Trump isn't really divesting. Not news: Everything else in the "press conference." News: Trump and Obama were briefed on apparent Trump bad deeds. Not news: Buzzfeed's dump of what may or may not be disinformation. No longer news: Democratic institutions have failed us. Would be news: Any suggestions of fixes.

Chuck's Three Parks Dems had a visit from the NYC Comptroller, who shared with them figures on what the city could lose in federal funds (up to $7 billion in social services) plus a report he'd done on the contributions of immigrants to the city's economy (they own half of all businesses in NYC and pay billions in taxes). Not news, but it might be news to the anti-immigrant folks in the general population and in Congress.

I can't watch more than a minute at a time of any of the confirmation hearings, and I will avoid Ben Carson's entirely lest I fall into a coma. I note that the lights went out on Pompeo's hearing just as Senator Warner started talking about Russian hacking. News or not news? Who the hell knows.

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