Monday, January 30, 2017

La Nausee

Whether it's dread about the human condition or just a virus picked up at TC3, I've been flat on my back for a couple of days and haven't felt much like writing, dealing with people, or even trying to assimilate all that's gone on in the last 48 hours or so. But I'm upright now, if unhappily so, and I'll try.

Our adopted Cornell student, Molly Lauterback, was one of the many heroes who rushed to the aid of stranded immigrants at JFK. Her story was in the NYT. Molly left Cornell thinking she'd go into museum management somewhere, got a job with the ACLU, and ended up in law school, to her great surprise. She graduated in May from NYU and is already applying her expertise in immigration law, a skill she probably didn't expect to need so immediately and so close to home.

While all that was going on, we held our Listening Meeting for Dems and friends on Saturday morning. I spent the entire event outside the door, keeping officials at bay and turning about 50 would-be attendees away. We signed up 185 folks, only a small percentage of whom were already involved in party politics. Next we will go through the dozens of comments, both oral and written, and try to put together a political action plan for 2017.

Friends have written about protests they've attended since Trump closed the borders to refugees. There was one in Ithaca, one in Syracuse, one in Albany, one in Battery Park, one at JFK, one at Logan....

It seems that this is the new normal. Wake up, shake off the nausea, and decide what and where to protest today.
Les jours s'ajoutent aux jours sans rime ni raison, c'est une addition interminable et monotone.

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