Friday, February 9, 2018

Has It Come to This

I've been going to Central New York School Board Association legislative forums for a lot of years now. Sometimes we've had five legislators. Sometimes we've had two. They hear a brief presentation on the local districts' state funding for the year, based on the governor's budget, and we send them into the world to come up with a better plan. It's pretty formulaic but not at all contentious.

Last night we had the 2018 version at TST BOCES. I know that Senator Helming attended one at Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES, which is closer to her home base. But it sure looked as though no Republican wanted to bother coming to Ithaca. Only Assemblywoman Lifton showed up. Not Fred Akshar (Candor senator), not Chris Friend (Candor assembly), not Jim Seward (Dryden/Groton/Lansing), not Tom O'Mara (Ithaca/Newfield).

If we only talk to "our people," we're not really doing "our job." 

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