Friday, March 3, 2017

Step Up Step Back Step Away

So our Congressman is coming to do a Town Hall at Southside Community Center, at 8 AM on Saturday. He has been raising money on being the Brave Guy Who Stands Up to the Angry Mob, and it's totally working for him. We will no doubt have a ginormous crowd there, mostly outside, as the venue is again too small for the level of interest. Meanwhile, there's lots of grumbling about who should get to speak and who should just provide background chatter, and way too much in the way of attempts to control the event. I'm talking hours and hours of blather for a one-hour event in which Reed will probably field half a dozen questions.

I will head to Dryden and run a mailing party for the village election instead. Sorry if that makes me seem like a cranky old white person, but I'd rather do something tangible than be part of the news cycle. If I want to talk to my Congressman, I will go talk to my Congressman. In DC, if necessary.

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